New Design

We would like to introduce you to new ideas in equestrian sport. For example, fancy laces which are used by well known brands as D&G, Gucci, Prada and the list goes on...

About Hardy

Design in your own style!
There are a lot of stories about him. For example, his last competition was not planned. We were bringing him to pension but on the way we had a plan to compete with other horses. Hardy had to wait in the truck for one hour meanwhile. However, he done opposite - as soon as he heard that competitions is going on, he began to brake a truck. So we had to take him out from the truck. And even then he was behaving as crazy horse. But as soon as he saw a saddle it became clear why he was behaving like that - he wanted to compete. At that moment we all understood - we have no choise as to allow him. This is how, once again he brought us unforgetable memory. By the way he won a competition. 
Why we have named our brand "MyHardy"?
We can offer quite a few options for your next item. you can choose color, pattern, shape, design or even the materials from which your item could be made. So you are able to fulfill your imagination in to reality.

However, if you don't like too much choices you can buy the items we have already made.   

Hardy was GP horse which has successfuly participated at international competition. But that is not the only reason why he always will remain legendary horse for us.

We believe every rider has his own Hardy which we all want to remember. Our brand is about that special horse. We want to make it even more unforgettable.